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The Writer’s Den is celebrating its first birthday. When the opening issue flashed onto your computer screens back in 2012 we had no idea how it was going to go—or even if it was going to go.  Somehow or other it has survived and is still kicking.Writer2

A few gallons of water have flowed under the old bridge since then, a fair few topics have appeared—and been discussed and argued about. We’ve had our share of fun and hopefully put the literary world to rights a time or two.

I’m not sure we’ve righted many wrongs, but we’ve had a tilt at the odd windmill or three. We’ve interviewed authors, both old and new, including a couple who had shuffled off this mortal coil long before we were born. (If you don’t know how we managed that have a look through our old blog archive).

We’ve talked about books and the folks who read and write them, offered a voice to anyone who had a comment to make or an axe to grind. We’ve discussed many aspects of publishing—and speculated about where it might be headed in the future.

While we’ve been serious at times, we’re not averse to having a laugh and a joke along the way, especially at our own expense. We’ve surely had our share of fun and we hope all of you have too.

As we head into another year it’s time to pause for a moment and take a look back at the road we’ve travelled and a peek into what sort of world may lie ahead for all of us who love reading and writing.

It’s time for us to thank the 13,000-plus people who’ve pushed open the door of our Den and stopped by to have a look around, especially those who’ve left kind messages of appreciation.  We’re also grateful to those discerning folk who regularly follow our little literary adventures. Your loyalty is appreciated.

A special word must go to everyone who contributed to our 55-word story competition.  The standard was tremendous and we only wish that you all could have won a prize.

In conclusion, we want to thank the scores of new friends we’ve met while working in the Den. You’ve make our journey well worthwhile. Our door is always open. Don’t be a stranger. Step inside, pull up a chair and sit a spell.

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  1. joan klengler

    I am adding your site to my favorites. In the middle of writing a new book at present, but intend to find time to peruse the site at my first opportunity. Looks good.

    Should we kill our heroes? I don’t know. I killed one of my primary characters because I thought it was time and there were howls of protest from people who follow the series.

    1. Brad Fleming

      Thanks for following Joan and thanks for your comments. Good luck with the book.

  2. Brad Fleming

    Thanks for joining Joan. I hope you will continue to make your voice heard in here. Cheer up though – if there were protests because you killed off a character it only proves how much people enjoyed them. Besides, I’m sure you have lots of other characters they will like just as much.

  3. Amy GH

    I don’t use Networked Blogs but I will be following you using Google Reader.

    1. Brad Fleming

      Thanks Amy. A follow is a follow! 🙂

  4. Kevin Taggart

    Congratulations on your new-look site Brad! Glad to see the ’55 worders’ feature is still going strong

    1. Brad Fleming

      Hello Kevin. Haven’t seen you in a while. Yes, glad to say the 55-shorts are still popular.

  5. krhughestlburns

    Great new look Brad! We had an awesome time at your book launch this afternoon!

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