Jun 12 2012

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This week on the MK Blog Tour I’m delighted to welcome CATRINA TAYLOR who will be no stranger to many of you out there. Catrina is a scifi author and the creator of Xarrok. Xarrok is a world in an undisclosed galaxy, far beyond our reach of space. She plays there often, creating a multitude of adventures that are character driven, and reader experienced.  Watch for her free short story series: Xenonian Origins available on Nook, Smashwords, Amazon and where ever e-books are sold.

As a single mother, her desire to create is driven by her adored children. Find out more about her on twitter and facebook as The Lady Writes or on her blogs, TheWritingNetwork and Xarrok.com

Virtual Blog Tours, like the one I’m participating in this summer, are becoming a common method of promotion. There are many positive reasons to consider a blog tour and a plethora of companies to watch, speak to, and work with regarding organizing your blog tour. I will be pulling together information over the next several months regarding what companies to watch with regard to organizing your blog tour. For the moment, we’re going to discuss some of the benefits.

As traditional authors are aware, book tours were the most common way to bring an author to the readers for many years. This involved multiple stops across the country in a very short period of time. This often meant long lines, little real conversation for the author with the readers, and a lot of waiting. When the tour was done, the best a reader could say was, “I shook so and so’s hand.” And the best an author could say was, “Well, there were hundreds in line, but no real time to talk.”

Things have changed in the digital age. Many different blogs, websites and boards have unique followers and readership. Authors who connect with these boards are able to produce a similar buzz on a more personal level. By spending time in a variety of locations virtually speaking, authors have a larger reach, more time with readers and not once do they have to ‘get out of here’ to jump on the next flight because their next signing is in two hours, hundreds of miles away. Instead all of this comes from the comfort of your home, without absurd lines, after parking debacles and timing constraints.

Does this mean that authors don’t, shouldn’t or won’t do live events? No. Instead authors have more flexibility about where and how they do live events. This allows an author the mobility to visit several locations, or events, with time to spare. They are able to choose events that will facilitate connections to the readers on a more personal level.  A better connection to an author you adore is a readers dream come true.

There are many more reasons to value the virtual blog tour, and the list would take far more time to add to. Leaving just those items ahead, keep in mind that this is a fabulous opportunity to share, engage and converse with your favorite author.

I’d love to hear your thoughts:

What blogs do you enjoy? What authors would you like to see featured as a guest here with my host? Is there a genre of authors you’d enjoy engaging?

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