Jun 22 2015

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Ireland’s eccentric detective Inky Black is back in a new full length adventure, just released on Amazon Kindle this week. Costly Kidnap plunges our intrepid hero into a head-to-head duel against a criminal syndicate planning to execute the biggest swindle in the country’s history.Bluey34-72dpi-1500x2000 (3)

Things have been going great for our favourite private eye. Business is booming, his success rate is high, he’s enjoying his daily verbal jousts with the redoubtable Maggie, his acid-tongued secretary and Girl Friday —  he’s even managed to best her in a couple of them —  and his burly assistant Barry Briggs has taken to the detecting business like a duck to the proverbial liquid. Best of all, his relationship with his new girlfriend, the beautiful Barbara, is flourishing.

With nary a cloud on the horizon and feeling in need of a break, Inky decides to take time off to invite Barbara on a motoring holiday down the majestic west coast of Ireland. Everything seems set fair, the weather is ideal, the Atlantic is as flat as the proverbial millpond, Barbara is proving the perfect companion and all seems well with the world.

But it wouldn’t be an Inky Black story if something didn’t go tits up! One evening the couple arrive at a little guest house near the golden sandy beach where the movie Ryan’s Daughter was filmed. They decide to explore the beach the following day.

When Inky awakens next morning he finds a note from Barbara saying she’s gone on ahead with her little dog Checkers and suggesting he comes to join them as soon as he surfaces. When he complies he finds a distressed Checkers, signs of a scuffle on the sand, and in the distance, the sound of a fast disappearing motor engine. Of Barbara there is no sign!

There isn’t much in the way of clues either, just a hint of something Barbara said the night before. Something that might just implicate the boss of the finance company for whom she worked.

Inky Black has never had a case in which he’s been so personally involved. He was going to get Barbara back, that went without saying. But he wasn’t quite sure where to start. That was until he got a phone call from the kidnappers warning him to keep his nose out if he ever wanted to see his girlfriend alive again.

Inky reckoned he was as patient as the next fellow. But you know what they say – beware the anger of a patient man!


COSTLY KIDNAP is now available as an e-book on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk for a BARGAIN 99c US, 99p UK. 

The paperback release will follow shortly.


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  1. Kevin Taggart

    Can’t wait to read your new novel Brad. Congratulations! Kevtaggart@aol.com

  2. Brad Fleming

    Thanks Kevin. Enjoy.

  3. 61278888


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