Jul 30 2013

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It’s two for the price of none this week as a couple of my action and adventure thrillers are offered free to Amazon Kindle readers until Saturday. Role of Dishonour and Deadline to Danger will both be released as paperbacks in August and, as a forerunner, you can check them both out in e-book format.  But hurry—the offer definitely ends Saturday.

In Role of Dishonour a man and woman from different backgrounds and different worlds cross paths against the savage background of the Ulster Troubles. As mistrust and misunderstanding slowly give way to a growing attraction, can their love triumph against all the odds?  FinalRODcover

For years the law-abiding people of Northern Ireland have stood behind the forces of law and order in their resolve to lift the scourge of terrorism from their backs. Their resolution and patience have been stretched to the limit, however, by the growing realisation that the British and Irish Governments are not doing all they might to defeat the loyalist and republican paramilitaries–are prepared instead to accept what one Member of Parliament calls  “An acceptable level of violence.”

Every terrorist atrocity–-even bombs in the city of London and in Continental Europe-–is met with words of condemnation, promises of tighter security–and little else. The death toll runs into thousands, with countless more horribly injured. Appeals by successive United States Presidents and other world leaders go unheeded as the violence spirals upwards.

However, when a recently retired police chief, his wife and four-month old grandson are blown to pieces in a Provisional IRA ambush on a lonely border road, a small group of men decide enough is enough. The four– a senior diplomat, a top policeman, a former SAS soldier and an investigative journalist, all friends of the murdered family, launch an audacious plan aimed at punishing the guilty men—and ending the ‘Troubles’ once and for all. 

Family Mystery in Deadline to Danger

DeadlineFor as long as he can remember young Jim Baxter has wanted to be a top investigative journalist like his father. When his Dad is killed by a hit-and-run driver in Manchester he leaps at the offer of a job on the same local newspaper where his father worked for years. John Grant, the craggy Scottish editor, recognising the boy is a natural, provides encouragement and gives him his head.

Months later the chance discovery of an old diary provides a clue that his father’s death may not have been an accident. Soon the young journalist is at the heart of an investigation into scandal, corruption and murder in high places within the community. It’s a trail which puts his own life in danger – and pinpoints him as the next target for murder.

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